Michael Buble Will Not be Toothless for Schottenstein Center Performance!

Grammy winner and crooner Michael Buble should add acting to his list of credits, as he totally fooled his Australian audience recently after knocking out a front tooth with his microphone during an especially exuberant performance of his top ten hit “Haven’t Met You Yet!”  What made it even more amazing, was that it was only the second song of the evening and he continued the entire concert without saying a word about the incident to the audience!


He covered his painful accident so well, no one knew what he had done until after he posted on Instagram the above tongue-in-cheek picture of him in the dentist’s chair. The next night, he went on to perform his fourth and final performance at the Allphone Arena in Sydney. He never missed a beat as he continued his tour and will most certainly share his glowing smile to the Columbus audience at the Schottenstein Center at the Ohio State University on July 26…with a full set of teeth!

Well, it’s not Christmas, but this song from his 2012 Christmas special somehow seems appropriate!  Elmo joins Mr. Buble in a performance of “All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth!” Ha!


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