Kate Hudson Performing in Concert at Nationwide Arena?

Kate Hudson has starred in many hit movies including “Almost Famous,” “How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days” and “Fools Gold.”  So, if you were to state Kate Hudson is performing in concert August 13 at Nationwide Arena in Columbus, you would be correct.  But if you were to say it was the Academy Award-nominated actress, you would be wrong.

The Kate Hudson performing in concert was born Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson, better known to the pop music world as Katy Perry, singer of such mega-hits as “I Kissed A Girl,” “Roar” and “Teenage Dream.” She reportedly changed her stage name from Hudson to Perry to avoid confusion with the famous Hollywood actress.

When Katy Perry performed at the Schottenstein Center in 2011, one staff member had no idea of the name change and was taken completely by surprise!  He was asked to notarize a document for Kate Hudson, so he went backstage to meet with her to help out.  He was surprised to be greeted enthusiastically by a blonde in a chair, wearing a headband and pampered by four people, one at each appendage! One person was manicuring each hand and one person was at each foot performing a pedicure.  It wasn’t until a minute later that it clicked that Kate Hudson was Katy Perry, the main attraction for that evening’s concert!  She needed a document notarized to verify that Katy Perry was really Kate Hudson for a European trip.

Kate Hudson…I mean Katy Perry…will perform in what will surely be one of the most attended and high energy shows of the year Wednesday at Nationwide Arena in Columbus!

Check out the official video of one of Katy Perry’s biggest hits, “Roar!”


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