Jerry Lewis Fan Gives Up Tickets to Save Abondoned Cat

Die-hard fans attending the Jerry Lewis show at Mershon Auditorium in Columbus on October 19 gave the comedy legend multiple standing ovations, laughed loudly at his jokes, and applauded enthusiastically after nostalgic film clips of his career.  Fans were heard throughout the show yelling “We love you Jerry!”

One woman who looked forward to seeing Lewis perform in-person, parked her car in the parking garage nearby and came upon a kitten, looking frightened and abandoned.  She went to the kitten to see if it was okay. An instant emotional bond was formed, and felt she could not leave it there while she attended the show.  The right thing to do, she said, was to take the scared feline home as the newest addition to her family.

Before she headed home, she realized she had valuable tickets that someone else could enjoy.  She went to the Mershon Box Office, shared her story and volunteered her three tickets to be given free to someone who looked like a big Jerry Lewis fan.

Moments later, a father with his two girls approached the box office.  He wanted his children to experience the rare opportunity to see the comic genius live and enjoy his work as he had long admired. When he asked to purchase three tickets, the box office said “Today is your lucky day!”  He was beside himself, and was so appreciative of the anonymous woman’s generosity and thoughtfulness.

His daughters became introduced to one of the top comedians and movie stars of the 20th century.  And a scared kitty found a home.  What a night…


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