New Kids on the Block’s Jonathan Knight on the ‘The Amazing Race’ Despite Stage Anxiety

Fans of New Kids on the Block were surprised and excited that band member Jonathan Knight agreed to appear on the latest installment of the hit reality competition series “The Amazing Race,” which premieres tonight (2/25) on CBS.  Knight said fans were not the only ones surprised; he admits his fellow band mates were shocked as well!


It’s no secret Jonathan has battled serious stage anxiety for years, but one of the reasons he wanted to do the show was to overcome some of his fears. Knight told Entertainment Tonight that he woke up one day and realized “I’m 46, it’s time to cut the crap.  There’s no reason to let my nerves get the best of me!”

Knight has accepted that if he has an anxiety attack on camera, that that is just a part of who he is.

“I am at a point in my life where I’m comfortable in my own skin and I can allow myself to be vulnerable,” he told Entertainment Tonight. “And if I’m in a situation where I have a meltdown and it’s on TV, I’m fine with that.  I’m human. There were times though, maybe a month before we left on the Race, where I would be lying in bed and I would just have shortness of breath getting myself so anxious and worked up.”


Knight told E! News that, as a long time fan of the show, he has been trying to find a way to get on the show for the past four season, but the touring schedule of New Kids on the Block did not give him the time needed to compete. Because their next tour did not overlap with filming he was excited to accept CBS’s offer to be a part of the 26th season cast.

Because ‘The Amazing Race’ is obviously taped in advance, it is likely and hopeful that Jonathan will still be competing when New Kids on the Block kick off their “The Main Event” tour in Las Vegas on May 1.  It will be interesting to see the one band member that was happy letting his other four band mates take most of the spotlight, be in the spotlight himself this season on national television!


New Kids on the Block’s “The Main Event” tour with special guests TLC and Nelly will be performing in-the-round June 16 at Nationwide Arena in Columbus.  Tickets are on sale now.  More information at


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