The Arena Guy Talks To Diehard One Direction Fans Who Showed Up A Day Early!

One Direction has loyal, enthusiastic fans!  This was proven today as The Arena Guy spoke to diehard fans from Florida, North Carolina and right here in Columbus who were hoping to catch a glimpse of their favorite 1D band member.  What they didn’t know was that the boys are not yet in Columbus!  But they didn’t care as they just wanted to soak in the atmosphere where for a few hours tomorrow night they will absorb every ounce of energy the four guys exude to the their admirers in Ohio Stadium as part of their “On The Road Again Tour.” As one fan said today, they are most looking forward “to be breathing the same air as Harry!”

The Arena Guy chatted with a couple of the band’s biggest fans as they hung out at Ohio Stadium today (August 17)…one day before the big concert with special guest Icona Pop.  Check out the video below.

For ticket information or more details on the concert, go to


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