The Arena Guy Talks to Cirque Du Soleil on the Massive, Visually Stunning “Toruk” Production at the Schottenstein Center

The latest Cirque Du Soleil production to hit Columbus is a major theatrical masterpiece inspired by James Cameron’s “Avatar.”  Gary The Arena Guy got a behind-the-scenes tour of “Toruk: The First Flight” before the doors opened for the first performance at the Schottenstein Center on May 11.

Even though “Toruk” is inspired by “Avatar,” one of the highest-grossing films in history, spokesperson Laura Silverman says seeing the movie is not a necessary pre-requisite to enjoy this visually stunning storytelling odyssey.

The show is so massive, it takes 27 trucks to transport the set, equipment, costumes, etc. and more than 100 people to make it all happen and ready before the arena fills with enthusiastic fans.

Part Two of the Arena Guy’s Behind-the-Scenes Tour will be posted tomorrow!

“Toruk: The First Flight” is at the Schottenstein Center now through May 15.  Tickets available at the Schottenstein Center, Ticketmaster or at  For more information on “Toruk” and other events, go to


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