The Arena Guy Backstage at “Toruk” – Costumes, Artist Rehearsals, James Cameron, and Learning the Na’vi Language

On stage the artists are blue and wear the most impressive, colorful state-of-the-art costumes.  It’s hard to imagine that those same artists are human beings like you and me.  They are amazing athletes and when they rehearse, they are out of costume, many shirtless so you can see how physically ripped they are…you know, like The Arena Guy. Ok, that’s a stretch.  A BIG stretch. Oh, and would you believe they are not blue in real life!

But in costume, they look stunning with meticulously made costumes with great attention to detail, as with every aspect of “Toruk: The First Flight.”  The Arena Guy got a backstage tour of the show with Spokesperson Laura Silverman, and she describes the costumes for each tribe, and “Avatar” movie director James Cameron’s involvement with this spectacular production.

It was a special treat to watch the artists rehearse the afternoon before the opening performance at the Schottenstein Center.  These artists are athletes for sure, and are among the best in the world. Silverman shares how the artists prepare for their performances both physically and by learning the special Na’vi language…which she also teaches to The Arena Guy!

“Toruk: The First Flight” inspired by James Cameron’s “Avatar” is the latest Cirque Du Soleil production at The Schottenstein Center with seven performances May 11 – 15.  For showtimes go to

Don’t miss this spectacular theatrical experience, which features the most athletic and talented artists in the world, as well as some absolutely stunning ground-breaking technology and special effects!  Wait until you see how the arena is transformed into a waterfall and river!

Tickets available at the Schottenstein Center, Ticketmaster or



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