“For Those About To Rock” this Sunday, check this out! Nationwide Arena will be filled with thousands of diehard AC/DC fans, but none are likely to be as excited as Richard Richards, who will be attending the concert in Columbus with his fiance coming from Wheeling, West Virginia.

“I love their music. I can’t explain it,” said Richards.  “Their music just clicks with me.”

Their music clicks so much with him that he has every AC/DC CD released in the U.S., a BMX Collector’s Series Oakley Dirt Bike full face helmet, and countless memorabilia. Each Christmas he receives AC/DC t-shirts and other related items as gifts, but sometimes he’ll get something else as they do not know what he has in his vast collection. He even made an impressive AC/DC cornhole board game.

But what really sets his dedication to the band apart from other enthusiastic fans is his AC/DC art collection. It is a ten piece collection that he always keeps close to him.  Close because they are tattoos!


He started his AC/DC tattoo collection on his left forearm with the character Angus Young draws on the back of his guitar, which is a cartoon character of the star. The thrill of that initial tattoo led to nine more including the fly from ‘Fly on the Wall,” “Hells Bells” on his elbow, the AC/DC fly on his wrist, “Flick of the Switch” on his forearm, a silhouette of Angus and more.

He’s so proud of his body art that he has submitted pictures to the AC/DC fansite ( which can be found in the fan art section. While he is not sure if the band has seen his tattoos, he has received some positive response from fans which “kinda makes my head swell.”

He does often get a reaction from people when he is around town. “I’ll be in line at Wendy’s,” says Richards, “and I’ll feel someone touching my forearm, and it startles me! They go ‘oh wow!’ I LOVE your AC/DC tattoos!”


Richards works construction building houses. He is also an electrician, which he finds ironic since he works with electricity all the time and it is the “High Voltage” 8-track that ‘charged’ his impending super fan status.

While he is a fan of the original lineup, what is his reaction to Rock and Roll Hall-of-Famer Axl Rose taking over the lead singer role on this tour?


“Angus is always the front man. But I’m a music lover.  To hear him (Axl), he sounds a little like Bon Scott, so if you shut your eyes, it’s almost like the original band again!”

Richards has been a huge fan of the Australian band since he was five or six years old. “My uncle got me into it.  He liked music in general, but he used to have these 8-track tapes which he gave me.  I remember they were “High Voltage” and “For Those About to Rock.”

From there his fandom rose to the status it is today, though Richards is quick to point out that while he is a megafan, he is NOT severely obsessed and doesn’t know every details about the band

. “Some people will ask ‘What’s Angus’ birthday?’ Well, I don’t know that.”

What he does know is that he will be beyond excited to see his favorite band again when they perform this Sunday (September 4) at Nationwide Arena in Columbus. “I get chills when I’m with the band,” he says. And his ten AC/DC tattoos will undoubtedly be on display and will not likely go unnoticed!



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