AT THE SCHOTT: John Mayer’s “The Search For Everything” World Tour 2017 and Cirque Du Soleil OVO!


I first heard about John Mayer from the son of a friend of mine who had discovered this great new artist. Mainstream music fans had not really heard of him yet, but he was quickly gaining an enthusiastic and loyal audience who saw him as the next ‘hip’ artist.

It wasn’t long after that John Mayer was booked at the University of Illinois, where I was at the time. It was about 2002 and his groundbreaking album “Room For Squares” had just produced the catchy “No Such Thing” and the huge hit “Your Body is a Wonderland.”

The show and tour was a huge success. It was clear momentum was on his side and fans were curious of what would come next. Well, what came next was more hits, but rather than selling out as many early fans of newly discovered artists fear, he maintained his ‘cool factor’ by also releasing blues albums and albums recorded as a trio.  He quickly established himself as a consistent hitmaker, but also as an artist who could successfully record in different styles and formats.  John Mayer was an artist in the true sense of the word.

When The Arena Guy met John Mayer all those years ago, he couldn’t have been any more gracious and humble. He was just starting his career rise, but I think he was fully aware of his momentum. He was definitely on the fast track to becoming one of the biggest and most important musicians of the last couple decades.

Now 15 years later, he is one of the biggest stars in the world with more than 20 million records sold, has had 21 songs that have scored on a top 40 chart, has won seven Grammy awards…and is in demand from a diverse group of musicians to collaborate on new music.

He has recorded with Taylor Swift, Eric Clapton, Kanye West, Alicia Keys, Frank Ocean and has had such unlikely collaborators as Tony Bennett and Barbra Streisand…the latter of which resulted in a stunning version of the classic “Come Rain or Come Shine” which featured Mayer’s trademark guitar…and ended up being the highlight of her multi-platinum #1 “Partners” duets album.

And even though he never met Michael Jackson, he was asked by the family to perform at the King of Pop’s high profile funeral. His instrumental version of MJ’s hit “Human Nature” ended up being one of his most emotional and fantastic performances ever.

He also has unlikely friends outside of music. On election night he was watching the Presidential election results at the same table as comedian and “Full House” star Bob Saget at the Los Angeles restaurant “Craig’s.”

Perhaps it was an odd combination, but hanging out with a comedian should really be no surprise. He has an incredible sense of humor as proven from his hilarious nights guest-hosting the CBS “Late, Late Show” prior to James Corden becoming the regular host.

Now, after his 2015-2016 highly acclaimed role as a band member touring with Dead and Company (which played Nationwide Arena the same day as the terrorist attack on the French nightclub and ended up being a very emotionally charged evening), he is back as John Mayer…the solo artist. The amazingly talented solo artist.  The mesmerizing solo artist.

The excitement of his first solo tour since 2014 has hit Columbus, as he will perform at the Schottenstein Center on April 12. He will perform with his full band, plus will feature a solo acoustic set and music with the John Mayer Trio.

Frankly, I cannot wait. I’m not alone. Initial reaction has been huge! This “The Search For Everything World Tour” and his April 12 concert at the Schott is sure to be yet another notch in John Mayer’s amazing creative journey.

And for fans anxious to get his upcoming yet-to-be-released CD, all they have to do is order concert tickets online, and a physical copy will be included in the ticket price!

For more information on tickets and the tour, go to


                           TICKETS ON SALE NOW FOR CIRQUE DU SOLEIL ‘OVO’                                      


Tickets are on sale now for Cirque Du Soleil: OVO which will be presented at the Schottenstein Center for seven performances May 17 – 21.

OVO is a headlong rush into a colorful ecosystem teeming with life, where insects work, eat, play, fight and look for love in a non-stop riot of energy and movement. Their world of biodiversity and beauty is filled with action and moments of quiet emotion.  OVO is overflowing with contrasts. The hidden, secret world at our feet is revealed as tender and torrid, noisy and quiet, peaceful and chaotic. And as the sun rises on a bright new day the vibrant cycle of insect life begins anew.

There is a lot of excitement to share on this amazing production, and will do so in the next blog posts. Can’t wait to see how Cirque Du Soleil amazes us with OVO!

For ticket information go to


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