The Arena Guy Talks to Bon Jovi About Their New Album, The 2017 “This House Is Not For Sale” Tour and Their 30 Year Success!

Nationwide Arena will be full tonight with diehard Bon Jovi fans waiting to hear classics like “You Give Love A Bad Name,” “Livin’ On A Prayer,” “It’s My Life,” and many more mega-hits. They will also hear selections from the band’s hugely popular 14th album “This House is Not For Sale,” which is also the name of their 2017 tour.


#TheArenaGuy spoke to band members Tico Torres and David Bryan recently about their lasting success, and the excitement of their “This House is Not For Sale” 2017 tour, which includes a stop at Nationwide Arena.

David Bryan explained their three decades of popularity: “We say we’re a current classic. We strive to have new records. We strive to have new songs on the radio. And that feels really good that we can gain those new fans. Our fans have been with us for some of the ride, for all of the ride and have kept on the ride.”

THE ARENA GUY: “I’ve seen Bon Jovi many times over the years, the first time at the very first Farm Aid in 1985. Since then, you have sold 130 million records. You’ll soon be approaching your 3000th concert. You’ve performed all over the world, and have countless gold and platinum records. You’re one of the greatest live bands ever. Do you ever kick off your shoes, and sit back in your La-Z Boy and truly take in all that your New Jersey band has accomplished more than 30 years later?”

TICO TORRES: “That’s funny. It’s hard to do that. We’re still going forward, if that makes sense to you. You know, if you look at the past, we’re blessed. Sometimes we hash over the past, but if we talk about before “Slippery (When Wet),” we had to tour the whole world and were just playing and learning, as a band, our craft and writing and everything. And then the joyride (happened). The third record was SO big. It was just the right time. And then, you know, after that…you’re going to try and beat your last record, and it’s a big circle. And I think what we learned through time is in this day and age, we just do what we feel, live in the present, and it just really helps us to create with a little more freedom.”

DAVID BRYAN: “I think we do say ‘Wow.’ We don’t go ‘Wow, let’s stop.’”

THE ARENA GUY: “Hope not!”

TICO TORRES: “Thank you!”

Thankfully Bon Jovi has no plans to stop as 30 years after their first album, they continue to pack arenas and top the charts with their new releases. “This House is Not For Sale” is already one of their best-selling albums and tours! Fans on social media are enthusiastically posting how they have been looking forward to the Nationwide Arena concert for months! Count the Arena Guy in that enthusiastic group!



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